/// shoefolio ///


I adore shoes. Its my dream to one day design a collection of heels geared directly at drag queens. Until then. feel free to examine my creations.



The Dollhaus

Inspired by feminine archetypes and the mastheads of ships, the Dollhaus is a collection of girly shoes with jewel and chain accents.

The Witchery

Inspired by witches and magic, this collection references pointed toes and whimsicality.

The Goddesses

Inspired by goddesses from around the world, each shoe in the collection is a characterization of a 21st century twenty-something goddess.

The Elementals

Inspired by the powers of nature, each heel in this collection is the personification of an elemental.

The Bestiary

A collection of the beautifully wicked. These heels were inspired by enemy characters in video games. I wanted to design heels which would represent a dark-sided beauty; a heel for the anti-heroine and her friends.

Persona 5

A collection of shoes inspired by the characters from the video game Persona 5.